Sharing Knowledge & Training With Virtual Learning

There are now many hundreds of e-learning courses.  They come described in a variety of ways.  Virtual courses, which are delivered via a live online training hub, or attend from anywhere courses – this is where a candidate attends the live classroom using absoultely cutting edge technology.    Tnis can be a major advantage for outlying areas in some countries.  The flexibility we enjoy here in the UK will never be available in some countries and it’s critical that the most flexible systems are made available for groups of students to log on to – perhaps in one school room.  They can join in from one school room – so long as the satellite signal is available to support the education and training programme being delivered of course.  The prospect of dozens of youngsters, or any age group, being able to access e-learning and online courses together is tremendously helpful to bring knowledge and education to the more difficult to access areas.