Buiding On Enthusiastic Volunteering With E-Learning

I help out at a heritage house in the summer season.  It’s great fun, I learn a great deal from my colleagues who happily share their knowledge on various aspects of the property or others that they also steward for.  A couple have undertaken additional training with fantastic online courses.  The ability to  log on and learn further about a subject that you’re already very enthusiastic about does seem quite a good deal.  There are all sorts of e-learning courses that cover the care of old buildings and everything connected with the specialist maintenance of them.  There are also courses to tackle the furnishing of houses to retain authenticity with a paritcular period.  Many education suppliers are very good at providing exactly the type of course materials to keep the candidiate on track. not too challenging but with enough bite to keep them enthused.  Learning resources can be a difficulty unless you are already working or volunteering in a heritage site.  The joy of dealing with antique furniture and furishings is hard to describe!