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Job Focused Retraining Improves Online

I remember back some years in my years as a junior civil servant.   Every six months we had mandatory training courses to attend – back in the day it meant literally leaving the office, heading off, a few at a time, to another site miles away – all to be […]

From Ex Criminal Shine Forth E-Learning Stars

The village near me has not got a very good reputation for behaviour or providing the best set of pupils going through the lower school, now in fact a junior school.  Ever since the early 1960s, there has been a strong criminal element to the community – caused by the […]

The Over 55’s Group A Shining Beacons Of Learning

I have had the dubious joy of helping out an activity group for the ‘over 55s’.  Looking at the make up of the attendees, I’m thinking they probably did all join when they were 55, and none have left, some 30 years down the line.  You can guess the ages […]

Early Reading Fun Made Lessons For Life

One of the most amazing things I have learnt in the many years since leaving senior school is my ability to pick up a thread of knowledge and run with it so much more fluently than when I struggled all those years ago.  At school I was averagely bright.  Only […]