Career Training From Tots To Grannies

When  visiting a seriously aged relative recently, we had just parked up and were dreading the usual tedious hour or so’s visit time.  To our relief when we got down to her room, we hadn’t been there long before the coffee came round and that broke the silence – a relative with serious dementia never knows their visitors any more and tend to be anxious about not knowing someone they feel slightly sure they ought to know . . . .  The young care assistant popped in to the room and was chatting with us and including Aunt.  We quizzed the lass on what made her choose that as a career.  She had tried nursery teaching and found dealing with children – and their parents, so stressful and so she walked away.  After volunteering at a care home, she realised this was her calling and took training by way of two online learning resources.  The E-learning courses offered brought her existing knowledge to the level she needed to become a carer immediately – she just needed a quick tweak of the practical hands on skills.