Knowing How to Teach Those Caring Skills

One of the most serious aspects of being a carer is the need to learn how to move other people .  There are many Health & Safety implications in the care and movement of people and things.  It requires some rigorous training of the trainers themselves to ensure these critical messages get across.    Most trainers will belong to a particular company;  there are opportunities for freelancers but generally they will have come from the industry.  So all training courses have to be taken in line with learning to understand their own company policy for moving and handling people.  The specif8ic laws will be outlied and highlighted – with litigation so prevalent these days – especially by relatives of residents or patients who may have been involved in accidents that probably were not caused by the carer but by several influencing factors.   How to carry out adequate risk assessments is another area that requires careful training – trainers need to be able to demonstrate the absolute necessity of being able to identy and prevent incidents before anything untoward happens.