This Student Responds To Show & Tell Methods

Knowing how we learn is part of a much bigger picture than we usually realise – until quite late in the process.  Many children show their ability with tests and exam structures when they are at school.  Teachers are able to see early on with regular testing, how each child responds to the various challenges placed before them.  This is one of the improvements that have come through over several years of anyalysing the data.

What suits one person very likely will not be suitable for his neighbour.  I am one of those people for whom a hands on demonstration and blow by blow account is far more likely to penetrate my grey matter than being given pages of instructions or ‘hints’ how to proceed.   Whenever I start something new, I like to see someone do exactly that before I have a go.  But once I’ve tried it, shown myself I understand and can do it, then it’s plain sailing from there on.