Recruitment Exercise Selects Job Ready Candidates

Recruitment exercises have been going on in unbelievable quantities around here.  There has been a massive input of funding and political shuffling to get a unique shopping and wildlife combination built and opened immediately within reach of the town.  On the face of it, it seems very strange arrangement.  I am unsure how many shoppers meandering the malls willgive a thought to a greatt crested greeb, or a natty little kingfisher’s prescence as they sip their cappuccino nearby.   But for the purposes of getting the funding, the developers, sponsors and backers have had to promise thousands of jobs.

Most of the jobs will be front of shop, public to public.  There was always likely to be a huge response to job ads.  The ones who have been trained most recently can be assured of more likely interview offers than those who have not been in the work place or training for years.