Post School Learning Is The Secret Ingredient

One of the strong memorie I have of the learning skills needed for my school days – those anxiety inducing years at senior school left an indelible shadow over my growing up!  Some lessons were a breeze, I can count them on one hand.  The other subjects were challenging and the more anxious I got, the worse my attempts got.  Some teachers noted that it was just my naural clumsiness and shyness that made me go from confident, sure footed, to a gibbering ninny in front of class.

Mathematics was one subject I really did want to learn properly, I could not grasp very much as I progressed through the years, but I really tried hard to fathom out what I was supposed to calculate.  Then once I left school and had to work in an office that paid 300 mill workers piece rate wages, after learning how to calculate those, everything else seems easily manageable!