Luxurious Learning With Jam & Jerusalem

I was attending our local w. i. group and the conversation got  heated at mention of their very own national residential training centre.  We were being addressed by a local dignitary who just happens to also be a top body in the federation.  Not to put too fine a point on it, there seemed to be a lot of bowing and scraping going on for my liking!   However, her message was clear, use the federations’ own facilities more, help to boost the training centre maintenance share collection.   Most of my local colleagues seemed to be arguing about it being far too expensive to attent.  To me this seems unlikely – each residential course is a whole weekend from late Friday afternoon until after lunch on Sunday. Full board including dinner Friday and lunch Sunday with all inbetween.  The tutors price is included in the figure.  The gift of learning and luxury accommodation – what’s not to like!