Looking for the Right Course to Suit Your Needs…

Online courses offer a huge range of topics, durations and modules for you to work your way through, and finding the perfect course for your needs can take some time.  Here is a guide to help you figure out exactly which course will suit you down to the ground.

  1. Topic – think about what you want to learn, and what will truly motivate you.  The problem with online courses is you often lack the impotus to get on and do it, so if it is in a topic which truly interests you, you will be more likely to get on and do it!
  2. Modules – check the course content carefully before you sign up.  Ensure it covers all the things you expect it to cover, and in enough detail.  If you choose a course which only skims the surface, you might find yourself feeling unchallenged.  However, if you pick a course which goes into great detail and you don’t have the experience or prior knowledge, you may find it too difficult.
  3. When are assignments or tests carried out?  Some courses require you to complete written assignments which you send off to the course directors to be marked.  Others use online quizzes and tests to check you understand all the topics.  Some use a mixture of both.  It is worth checking how the progress is assessed.
  4. Timescales – if you know you will be squeezing your course time into any spare hours you have during a busy lifestyle, it may be worth checking if there are any time limits to your course.  If you are going to struggle to complete it within a set time, it may be worth looking for alternatives.