Know Your Learning Styles for More Effective Studying

There are three main learning styles understood to be used by the majority of people.  You might find you fit into more than one type!  Have a look through the information and see if you can work out which style you work with most.

Visual Learning:

  • Prefers watching and seeing a lesson
  • Uses diagrams and graphs
  • Colour code revision notes
  • Prefers reading to listening

Auditory Learning:

  • Likes to listen to a teacher
  • Zones out while learning – can still hear
  • Enjoys debates and discussions
  • Record lectures to listen to again
  • Enjoys hearing music while learning

Kinesthetic Learning:

  • Enjoys active lessons
  • Likes using hands and gesturing
  • Prefers experimenting to find solutions
  • Suits active classes like cooking, technology and design
  • Role play is a good learning method

As you can see, there are lots of ways these learning styles could overlap!  Visual learners may also like some kinesthetic learning styles for example.  Teachers usually take this into consideration when planning their lessons, as it is important that different learning styles are covered in class to allow all learners to progress.