Gift Guide for Students!

We all know someone who is studying hard, and might not have time to treat themselves to something a little special, especially in the midst of exams and coursework. It doesn’t necessarily have to be for Christmas or a birthday, just a little gift to remind them that someone has their back when they’re going through a hard time studying.

In the spirit of giving, have a look below at some of our suggestions for what to get a student as a gift. It might be the one thing to perk them back up when they’re elbow deep in textbooks and have fallen asleep on their keyboard.

If your student is a coffee addict, and always enjoys a cup when they’re knuckling down in textbooks, then the Aeropress coffee maker is the ideal present. It makes a ground cup of coffee in just 30 seconds, and is so easy to transport, it allows your student to enjoy a brew on the go, even if they are out and about.
There’s nothing like background music to allow your student to concentrate, so a Bluetooth speaker will always go down well. The UE Boom 2 was voted one of the best portable speakers by Techrader, and provides great sound quality along with being waterproof. That means if a tired student manages to knock a cup of coffee all over their desk, thankfully the music will keep playing.